باغ بام بام سبز ایرانی - Intensive and Lawn Assemblies

باغ بام بام سبز ایرانی

بام سبز ایرانی

Intensive and Lawn Assemblies

Intensive and Lawn Assemblies

Intensive AssemblyThe landscape possibilities with intensive green roofs are virtually limitless. They are intended for recreational, sporting and leisure purposes and are often indistinguishable from natural gardens in appearance. Hydrotech’s Lawn and Intensive Garden Roof® Assemblies follow the same design concept as an extensive Garden Roof. However, the drainage/retention layer is usually deeper and filled with expanded aggregate to provide greater water storage and to support a greater depth of growing media. The depth of the intensive growing media, which contains a greater amount of organic matter than an extensive blend, will generally dictate the type and size of plants that can be grown.

Intensive green roof designs usually consist of a mixture of hard and soft landscaping. It is therefore important that the selected drainage/retention layer can support any type of landscape – from roadways and paths, to soil and trees, so as to permit excess water to drain unobstructed underneath. The water retention capacity of the Hydrotech drainage/retention layers is used to assist with the irrigation of the plants – it is not a substitute for an irrigation system, which should always be installed within either the intensive or lawn Garden Roof Assembly. Lawn Assembly


  • Require greater growing media depths 6”-36”
  • Can be used for recreation
  • Accommodate a wider variety of plants/shrubs/trees
  • Must be irrigated
  • Require regular maintenance



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Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital 601 Congress Street LDS Conference Center Mashantucket Pequot Museum
601 Congress - MA
LDS Conference Ctr. - UT
Mashantucket Pequot - CT
Austin City Hall Waterfront Square Millennium Park
Waterfront Square - PA
Millennium Park - IL
900 Kingsbury Seattle City Hal
900 Kingsbury - IL
Seattle City Hall - WA
Greenwich Academy Providence Medical
Greenwich Academy - CT
Providence Medical - WA
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